Feasterville, Pa

A past client, Rachel, reached out to me at the end of the summer in 2020 because she starting to prepare her home for the market. Her husband and her were planning a move to Delaware and Rachel wanted to make some home improvements before listing the home. I went out and visited her and advised her on what repairs would give her the best return. Essentially, what repairs would give her the best bang for her buck. Finally, the home was done. Again, I employed my exclusive pre-marketing campaign designed to build demand and net her the most. Rachel and I strategically priced the home. I pre-marketed the home for a week before it hit the market. During the pre-marketing time we lined up 77 showings in 3 days. WOW! Showings started on a Friday and I sat down Monday morning to review the multiple offers we received. We reviewed all the terms on each offer. We took an offer that was $40,000 above asking (40k) with no inspections

When it comes down to it premarketing can build demand, net you the most and take some of the stress out of selling.


Ivyland, Pa

This story is unbelievable. I met the seller, Dave many years ago at a Home Selling Seminar and we stayed in contact. He had his beloved home custom built in the 1970's. At the end of 2020, he called me and told me he was planning a move mid-2021. I went out to his extremely well-maintained home and gave him tips on what to do to get the home ready for the market. We premarketed the home for 2-3 weeks before we allowed showings. During the premarketing time we lined up 70 showings in 3 days. It got to the point where we had to stop allowing showings, it was too overwhelming. He received a total of 21 offers! We reviewed all the terms on each offer, but Dave was more interested in selling his beloved home to someone who would love it as much as he did. We took an offer that was WELL above asking, with no inspections, and he felt these buyers would love the home just as he did. In the end, he was very satisfied with the outcome and feels his home will be in good hands and loved for years to come


Fairless Hills, Pa

This couple reached out to me after seeing our unique & innovative marketing. I came out to the home 6 weeks before putting the home on the market to conduct a Home Salability Assessment. During these appointments, I help guide the sellers through the process of preparing the home for the market by giving them tips & tricks, answering any questions and providing names and numbers of contractors, etc. if necessary.

When they were ready we put the home on the market on a Friday and presented offers that Monday. We had 6 offers! One stood out from the rest, giving them well above asking price. They had minimal inspection repairs and got their desired settlement date!


Richboro, Pa

Barbara, the seller, was referred to us by a past client. She and I had been in contact for months to prepare her home for the market. She took advantage of our services and called with any questions and we are always happy to answer. The hold up had been on the apartments where she was moving to. She didn't know her move in date and we couldn't sell her home without that. Her biggest concern, understandably, was "What do I do if my house sells and I have no where to go?" We didn't have an exact date but we did know that she would be moving in by the end of December. So, we prepared the house, sent the photographer out and started to premarket the property.

The home hit the market on a Friday and and presented offer that Monday morning. It was unbelievable the home had 29 showings in 3 days! It went under contract with multiple offers with the highest offer being $40K above asking. You heard me right $40K above! And the buyer was not going to do any inspections. What more could you ask for?

I told Barbara from the day we first spoke not to worry that we would coordinate everything and make sure it all worked out for her, and it did. The Swain Team specializes in trying to remove as much stress as possible from the sale of your home. So that you can concentrate on the other things in life


Pennsbury School District

I had the pleasure of meeting a lovely growing family in Pennsbury School district. They had a beautiful home but were needing more space. However, they weren't pleased with the realtor that sold them their home; they felt that realtor didn't have their best interest in mind. So, I sat down with them and explained our communication guarantee and outlined how I work. I gave them tips and tricks on what to do to get their home ready for sale and provided a name of a handyman, painter and flooring specialist.

Once they were ready to go, we started the coming soon and put the home on the Friday of the same week and presented offers that Monday. We had 8 offers! Ultimately, it came down to 2 that stood out well above asking price and the deciding factor in their case was the buyer that was flexible. This was extremely important to our sellers since they needed to find a home to purchase first and they did not want to move twice, and we made that happen.


Tullytown, Pa

This story is amazing! The homeowners called me a few months before they were ready to put the home on the market. They had bought the home in 2013 as a foreclosure and fixed it up. It was gorgeous! HGTV at its finest.

We pre-marketed the home for 2 weeks. The demand was high! A remodeled home with low taxes and in Pennsbury school district.

Before showings began, we announced offers would be presented the very next day 10 am. The home had back to back appointments. It was turn style activity with 13 showings and 6 offers. The seller was ecstatic!

They received more than asking price, cash deal with no inspections and with their desired settlement date.

It doesn’t get any better than that!


Langhorne, Pa

Homes are selling amid the corona crisis. One of the seller's stories is quite amazing. She is a past Home Selling Seminar attendee. She put all her trust in me and said you are the expert. We were preparing her home for the market when the corona virus hit full force. We held off at first for me to monitor the market and create the perfect marketing strategy tailored to her home. I put into action my new exclusive virtual marketing strategies that I developed. Well it worked, and she ended up getting 13 offers and $25,000 more! You read correctly....25K! But wait it gets better, it was a CASH deal with NO INSPECTIONS and, all her terms were met. What more could you ask for?.

Fairless Hills, Pa

What?! 6 Offers?!?!? The seller came to us overwhelmed after he inherited his mother's home. As estate specialists, we were able to guide him through the process with ease and alleviate his stress. We walked him through how to prepare the home for the market and assisted him with contractor coordination during the preparation. We pre-marketed the home for 1 week and we kicked off showings with an open house on a Sunday. I advertised that all offers would be presented on that Tuesday. We had a record-breaking 45 buyers through the open house! We received 6 offers and accepted one above the asking sales price! Again, this gave us leverage over negotiations. The seller was so appreciative as we walked him through the process as he lived some distance from the home. We were able to schedule all of the township inspections for him to make the transaction as easy as possible – he was thrilled.

Langhorne Manor, Pa

Want to reduce your stress when selling or moving? Want to net the most while doing so? I had been working with the seller for a while, preparing her home as well as exploring her 55+ options. Her husband had sadly passed away and she wanted an active community. We decided on the Villages at Flower Mill. We explored various housing styles in the community to find a size and layout that worked for her. We settled on a twin with an amazing location backing to a lake. It was simply picturesque with views of the lake from most rooms in the home. Just imagine waking up in the morning and gazing out your bedroom window at the lake. It was like being at the shore. As we had been looking for next home, she was preparing her home for the market just as we teach at our home selling seminars. We began with pre-marketing 3 weeks in advance. We put the home on the market and started showings on a Monday. By that Monday evening, we had multiple offers and received above asking! This enabled us to net the most while being in control of the transaction therefore reducing the stress involved.

Fallsington, Pa

SOLD BEFORE it hit the market! How is that even possible? I met with the sellers and they were purchasing new construction, which gave us a few months to get the home sold. Their goal was to sell for the most with the least hassle and coordinate both of their settlements for the same day. The home was on our Exclusive “Coming Soon!” campaign for less than 1 week and we had multiple offers! To top it off, each buyer was willing to meet the seller's terms and wait 3-4 months for settlement.

Levittown, Pa

Wow! 20,000 over asking price! The seller attended our Home Selling Seminar and began a year in advance to prepare the home for the market. To educate herself, she interviewed other realtors and said by far we stood out. Not only was our level of marketing much greater, but we also offer a free promotional pre market home inspection. We sat down, reviewed it with her and made some repairs then marketed the home with the inspection report. The inspection report combined with the "Coming Soon!" campaign helped facilitate a stress-free sale that netted her the most money possible. We started showings on a Friday and by Monday we had 6 offers! This buyer came in $20,000 over and waived inspections allowing the seller to just focus on packing.

Penndel, Pa

Cute as a button! This Cape in Neshimany School district had a great level of interest when we put it on the "Coming Soon!" campaign. Because of that, we decided to put it on the market for the weekend and let everyone through to present offers that Monday. It had turn-style activity all weekend long, and by Monday we had 7 offers. A very strong buyer came in with an offer $15,000 above asking! Plus, he was not going to call for repairs when the home inspection report came in. A smooth deal with the most money in their pocket was essential for the seller as they were moving their mother into an independent living facility. They were thrilled with the outcome!

Bensalem, Pa

SOLD with Multiple offers BEFORE it hit the MARKET! This townhouse was pre-inspected and priced to sell. The sellers had the home pre-inspected, by a certified home inspector, so that the buyers would know the condition of the home before they put their offer in. The sellers were downsizing and going into an assisted living facility. We were able to market the home in advance on our exclusive "Coming Soon!" campaign a month in advance. Boy, did we accumulate a lot of interest! We planned to put it on the market on a Monday and conducted preview showings the weekend before. The offers started rolling in! We announced that all offers would be presented Wednesday and put the home on the market to generate more interest. We had 5 offers, some above the asking price! The sellers chose the agreement that fit their needs the best. It was a full price offer, no home inspection contingency, and the buyer would allow the seller to leave any unwanted contents in the house; after living in the home for 30+years they had a lot of unwanted stuff. Price isn't always the driving factor for a seller. In this case, they didn't have to worry about cleaning out the house or any repairs. They just sat back and collected their check at settlement!

Philadelphia, Pa

For this "Coming Soon!" property we started the campaign on a Friday and had 5 preview showings within 4 days. After seeing such high demand during the "Coming Soon!", we decided to put the home on the market. Once the home was on the market, we let all agents know that offers would be presented to the seller the following Monday. Within 4 days of the home being on the market we had 20 additional showings and 6 offers to present to the seller. An offer of $10,000 over the asking price was accepted. Our exclusive "Coming Soon!" campaign essentially created demand for her home before it went on the market, driving her price up.

Philadelphia, Pa

This story is unbelievable! We put the home on “Coming Soon!” for 2 weeks while the sellers made repairs. This gave us the perfect opportunity to get the word out and line up buyers to build demand in advance for the home. Once repairs were done, we allowed for 3 days of preview showings before the home hit the market. It hit the market that Friday, the demand was through the roof - 21 showings in 3 days! We quickly formed a strategy and made an announcement that we would present all offers on Monday afternoon. The offers poured in! We ended up with 8 offers and accepted one from a well-qualified buyer that was $17,000 over asking price. Yes, $17,000 over asking price!!! The sellers walked away with $17,000 more than market value for because they listened to our advice, negotiation tactics and marketing strategies. Our exclusive “Coming Soon!” campaign essentially created demand for their home before it went on the market, driving her price up.

Fairless Hills, Pa

Another great “Coming Soon!” campaign story! This home SOLD before it hit the market and at above asking price! In fact, it SOLD within 2 days of the start of our “Coming Soon!” campaign. Our campaign began on a Wednesday. The buyers were one of the first through the door that same Friday and loved the home. The buyers knew there would be a high demand for the home since it hadn’t even hit the market yet so they were willing to pay top dollar. By the following Monday we had our deal negotiated for $5,000 over asking price! It literally pays to have an expert realtor with strategic marketing plans.

Feasterville, Pa

The seller had purchased the home only a few years previously and didn’t have a lot of equity in the home so, netting the most was pertinent to her. She did not want to have to pay out of pocket to sell the home. She was moving down to Florida to be her father’s caretaker. The first weekend she was on the market we had two interested buyers through the home. By Monday we had a cash offer negotiated with no home inspection repairs. She was in the driver’s seat able to dictate when settlement would be, therefore making her transaction smooth and easy. Our exclusive “Coming Soon!” campaign netted her the most so she was able to walk away with money from the sale and made it a hassle free

transaction for her.


Levittown, Pa

Another amazing story! Keeping a home tidy with 5 kids in impossible, making showings tough on the sellers. So, we suggested our exclusive “Coming Soon!” campaign. The first buyers through bought the home and offered $5,000 over asking and gave the sellers a no hassle deal. This was the highest priced home sold for its square footage for a well-maintained home in that neighborhood. Thus, our exclusive “Coming Soon!” campaign netted the sellers the most money possible with the least hassle!


Langhorne, Pa

Another “Coming Soon!” campaign home SOLD! In fact, our sellers had an offer only 5 days after the start of our “Coming Soon!” campaign.

Our “Coming Soon!” campaign began on a Thursday. We received multiple calls from agents within the first 2 days who saw the “Coming Soon!” campaign posted online and wanted to get their clients through the home before it hit the market. Our sellers were surprised at how much demand our “Coming Soon!” campaign sparked for their home in such a quick amount of time, One agent called whose clients were first-time home buyers and she was able to get them through the home on Day 2 of the Campaign. These first-time home buyers LOVED the home and wanted to bring their family through for a second showing. They scheduled their second showing for the following Friday, and by that Monday, our sellers had their offer. Our sellers were thrilled because 1) They were able to net the most and 2) They no longer had the stress of preparing the home for showings!


Langhorne, Pa

Another great example of how we are able to net our sellers the most money with our unique and innovative marketing techniques. We are marketing experts who utilize exclusive marketing campaigns that no other realtor does in the area. In this case, we wanted to test price. So, we listed at $285,000. For three weeks we analyzed the statistics and numbers of inquiries on the home. We had no inquires and the stats were not impressive. I then consulted the sellers and we reviewed the data and decided to try a price of $275,000. That was our number! I had a number of agents calling me about the home, and stats shot through the roof! This is a great illustration that when you overprice by $10,000 you could really be hurting yourself in the long run. The coming soon campaign allows us to play with price to find the right price, so a seller does not waste precious days on market. As a side note once a home sits in the market for 30 days it becomes old in buyer's eyes. That is why pricing from the start is critical.

Remember, the goal of the “Coming Soon!” is to create demand. More Inquiries = Higher Demand and Higher Demand = Highest Selling Price. So, at $275,000, I had realtors with buyers lined up to see the home. I put the home into our multiple list service and started showings 2 weeks after being listed at $275,000 on the coming soon.

It went on the market on a Sunday with showings to begin Monday. In the MLS we advised all realtors that offers where to be presented on Friday at 1 pm That really generated Demand! By Friday, we had 6 offers, then played them against each other. In this case, instead of going for more money, the seller went for the offer that asked for the least repairs done to the home. The coming soon created the demand which put the seller's in driver's seat.


Feasterville-Trevose, Pa

Our “Coming Soon!” campaign is most highly noted for netting the seller the most money possible. Yet, it can be used in other ways as well. For instance, The Swain Team went out to meet with sellers who had their home listed with numerous agents previously. They were tired of the stress of showing the home, but would only sell if they got “X” amount of dollars. They were adamant to us that they only wanted truly interested clients to come through the home. So, we recommended to them our exclusive “Coming Soon!” campaign. With the “Coming Soon!” campaign, we were able to list their home on several websites as “Coming Soon!” We had multiple inquires on the home and got several truly interested buyers through. We wound up selling it before it hit the market! The stress of showing the home was eliminated.

We had a buyer come through who had their home sold who needed to purchase. They fell in love with the home. Since, the home hadn’t hit the market yet, the buyers came up with a full price offer! Basically, giving the seller everything they were asking for. Not only did they net TOP DOLLAR but it also took the stress of showing the home away for the homeowners.

All because we CREATED DEMAND for the home.


Levittown, Pa

Another Coming Soon! campaign home SOLD before it hit the market and above asking price! In fact, it SOLD within 6 days of the start of our “Coming Soon!” campaign.

Our “Coming Soon!” campaign began on a Friday. We received a call from an agent that saw the “Coming Soon!” campaign posted and asked if she could get her clients in before it hit the market. We were able to get her clients through the home as a preview showing the next day. The buyers were the first ones through the door and they loved it. The buyers knew there would be a high demand for the home since it hadn’t even hit the market yet so they were willing to pay top dollar! The seller of course was thrilled because he didn’t have the stress of the home being on the market and constantly preparing it for showings.


Bensalem, Pa

Another “Coming Soon!” campaign home SOLD before it hit the market! In fact it SOLD within 3 days of the start of our “Coming Soon!” campaign. The seller had already purchased their new home and the holiday season was upon us so they decided to try the “Coming Soon!” campaign to spark interest before the new year when they were going to put their home on the market.

Our “Coming Soon!” campaign began on a Wednesday. We received a call from an agent that saw the “Coming Soon!” campaign so he could get his clients in before it hit the market? We were able to make that work that afternoon because the seller’s prepared in advance to sell. The buyers were the first ones through the door and they loved it! The buyers knew there would be a high demand for the home since it hadn’t even hit the market yet so they were willing to pay top dollar.

And the sellers were thrilled because they didn’t have the stress of the home being on the market and constantly preparing it for showings. And best of all they wouldn’t have to carry two mortgages!


Glenside, Pa

This story really excites me! It is a great example of we can help our clients make top dollar for their home when we use our exclusive out of the box marketing plan work together and price the home within 3% of the market. We have a client who wanted to put their home on the market in a month. Of course, we suggested trying our exclusive “Coming Soon!” campaign for a few weeks. While on the “Coming Soon!” campaign we were able to analyze her various website stats to see if we were capturing the buyers and sure enough, we were. Not only did we get multiple inquires on the home but the number of page views was through the roof!

I spoke with the seller a few days before going on the market and said, “We are getting such a positive response on your home that I think we should raise our asking price $10,000.” And that is what we did. We got 2 buyers in the home before it went on the market and got an above asking price offer the first day on the market! Our exclusive “Coming Soon!” campaign essentially created demand for her home before it went on the market, driving her price up.

We want our marketing to be outside of the box. Innovative techniques help our clients net the most for their home. Consumers who want to net the most for their home are preparing their home for the market in advance.

If you are preparing in advance why not start to market the home in advance? Why not create demand for your home?

There are all kinds of benefits to Creating Demand in Advance!