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14 Door Color Ideas & Their Meaning - Facebook Live

Christina Swain

Christina was born into real estate. She grew up watching her mother run a successful real estate business and she wanted to follow in her footsteps...

Christina was born into real estate. She grew up watching her mother run a successful real estate business and she wanted to follow in her footsteps...

Sep 30 3 minutes read

14 Door Color Ideas & Their Meaning

Let's talk about something fun today. Door color! Believe it or not door color has a lot to do with your personality.
Let's take a look:

1. Orange - You’re a social butterfly! Orange doors tell guests that you like to entertain, but also that you enjoy a good challenge.

2. Red as a front door signals a hospitable home. Today a red door still says, “Welcome!” If you have a red door, you also enjoy attention and try to live their life fully. It goes hand-in-hand with entertaining.

3. Blue is the color of the sky and ocean. So those who paint their doors blue enjoy peace and value truth. They are well grounded and true to themselves.

4. Gray is an indecisive color, a mix between black and white. If you paint your door gray, you are indecisive and prefer to compromise—giving both sides of an argument equal weight.

5. Green doors suggest that traditional values lay within. The people living there are ambitious and strive for personal betterment. They’re also good with their finances, as green is affiliated with money.

6. Homeowners who keep their doors a traditional wooden finish are generous and down-to-earth.  They are kind, sweet and all who enter will feel welcomed.

7. When you cross a black threshold, you are entering a world of order and control. Simple elegance graces the style within and everything is in its proper place.

8. Just like the clean lines it creates; white doors begin a guest’s journey into simple and organized home decor.

9. Like wood doors, brown one’s signal that those within are warm, reliable and stable. Like the earth. They can keep an even head and are trustworthy.

10. While it ups your curb appeal, a yellow front door also says you’re logical while also creative. Like the color, you have a positive attitude and may even be a morning person!

11. Turquoise is one of our favorite front door colors. It may be a bit unusual but, but it’s perfect if you crave emotional balance, have big hopes and dreams and believe that anything is possible. In other words, you’re a romantic dreamer.

12. A glass door symbolizes that you too are open minded, friendly and outgoing because you have nothing to hide.

13. Pink, needless to say, you’re a hopeless romantic. But, you’re also thoughtful, cheery and generous.

14. A purple front door is a colorful front door choice because it’s not very common. It says you’re comfortable taking risks, you dream big and may even call yourself a free-spirit, and not burdened by the parameter’s others may set.

What is your favorite front color? Let us know, write it is the comments below.
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